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Let's Talk about Jamaica Post Covid(May2021)

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Ok lets talk about Jamaica! So we originally booked this trip in November 2020 for a wedding. Therefore the resort was picked out already. Knowing me I would have not picked this resort. I am not a must have 5 star resort type of person. As long as the food is good and the rooms are clean.....where I stay doesn't matter. Well I must say, I was happy I got to experience this resort! Moon Palace was everything.

Ok so lets start with the entry requirements. To enter Jamaica post covid (May 2021), a few things are required before you can enter the country. First things a travel authorization form from the Jamaican government. This can be completed here within 7 days of travel. Don't worry everybody is approved instantly. Each family member over the age of 12 will need a form completed. Next you will need a Covid-19 PCR test completed. This test have to be completed within 72 hours before you depart. We went to Walgreens to have our test completed. You must make an appointment and have identification and an insurance card. After both are complete PLEASE print a copy and print to the airport for departure. Oh yeah....get there early....3 hours if you ask me!

Once we arrived to Montego Bay we used the VIP Club Mobay service My opinion it's just ok....yeah you get to skip the line but its not a must have. The lounge part is more of a cattle herd....get you in and get you out! Moon Palace is located in Ocho Rios which is about 90 mins from the airport. Which is a good little drive....however on the bright side, you are really close to most excursions.

Moon Place this resort was so beautiful and so clean!! Tons and tons of pools and bars. Tons of restaurants also. However please please book your reservations as soon as you arrive! They book up really fast. Also book your Post Covid test to return to the U.S. This test is a rapid test and can be taken the day before you leave or up to 72 hours before. Also book excursions with resort credits as soon as you arrive. After that....get a drink and relax! FYI order shots if you want a real buzz.

MUST I REPEAT....ALL the food was fantastic, you can't go wrong with whatever choice you make. For excursions please try Mystic Mountain and one of the falls. If you are interested in traveling to Jamaica please hit the travel tab and complete the travel research link!

Thank for reading!


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